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Adesso EasyTouch™ Antimicrobial Waterproof Keyboard

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The Adesso EasyTouch Antimicrobial Waterproof Keyboard is ideal for users looking for a solid keyboard that will work in an environment potentially exposed to liquids, moisture, dust, or germs, such as schools, restaurants, banks, medical clinics, offices, and industry and warehouse environments. This keyboard also features membrane keys switch for increased productivity along with multifunctional hotkeys that give you quick access to your Internet and media player tools.
Sealed with plastic waterproof (IP67) material
Antimicrobial material prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and protects against the build-up of germs
2x-size print keys provide excellent contrast and stronger appeal over traditional keyboards that have small, hard-to-read printing
Multimedia hotkeys
Membrane key switches provide long-lasting and durable action