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Bushnell PowerView 10x 25mm Roof Prism Binoculars

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  • 10x 25mm compact roof prism
  • Aluminum alloy chassis provides durability without adding unnecessary weight and bulk
  • High-quality, soft-touch rubber and brushed metal texture finishes provide classic performance in a great looking, modern design
  • Updated ergonomics with soft-touch rubber and easy grip texture along the sides of the binocular, and on the bridge, reduce the chance of dropping and give a confident hand feel
  • Multi-coated optics draw an incredible amount of light for clear vibrant images, even in low light
  • Includes carrying case, cleaning cloth, and IB

An all-metal chassis is the foundation of the Bushnell PowerView 2 10x 25mm Roof Prism Binoculars, and it's never before been offered at this price. The all-metal chassis ensures ruggedness and durability in the harshest elements, meaning the chassis won't crack in the extreme cold of winter, or disform in the intense heat of summer. The metal body also eliminates uneven weight distribution often found in binoculars with plastic chassis. Multi-coated optics bring in a large amount of light, providing vibrant images for a crisp, clear viewing experience. Updated ergonomics and a rich textured rubber armor guarantee you'll always have a firm grip, even in one hand.