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Digital Audio Recorder

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Sangean's DAR-101 makes the best digital recorder/player because of its combination of features, sound quality and price. It has multiple recording modes such as the internal/external microphone telephone and external stereo microphone capturing stereo audio sound. It's also packed with desirable functions such as a built-in higher sensitivity internal microphone with dual AGC (Automatic Gain Control), 3 recording Density 64k/128k/192k bps, adjustable recording level, recordable media including support for SD Card by MP3, up to 32GB SDHC card, and USB 2.0 mass storage devices.
  • Telephone/music/message recording
  • Voice-activated recording
  • Supports MP3 and WMA media with SD Card or USB interface
  • Recording source modes-internal/external microphone, telephone & line input