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HYPERGEAR Car Caddy Cup Holder Swivel Tray

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No need to juggle between holding food or your phone while parked! The HyperGear Car Caddy Swivel Tray offers useful, handy, and sturdy convenience to keep all your necessities close by and within reach while on the road. With a large 8.25 in. non-skid swivel tray, the Car Caddy can hold a full-sized meal and more without sliding or spilling! The built-in phone holder allows for easy viewing, glanceable navigation directions or notifications, and watching shows and videos while stopped! With a 360° swivel, rear-seated passengers will always have easy and convenient access to the tray at any time. Find the best angle and most sturdy positioning using the dual adjustable height and angle joints. Then, turn the locking knob to expand the base of the mount to fit in any cup holder in your car, truck, or SUV. Whether you’re eating on the go or storing necessities, the Car Caddy is the ideal driving companion!


  • Expandable base to fit any cup holder
  • Large 8.25 in. non-skid tray
  • 360° rotatable swivel
  • Built-in phone mount
  • Anti-slip silicone grips
  • Adjustable height and angle joints
  • Quick installation
 9.1 x 8.9 x 4.8 in., 1 lbs.
 8.976 x 4.764 x 9.921 in., 0.981 lbs.