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Pepper Gel Magnum 9 Defense Spray

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Take your personal safety seriously with the powerful Mace Brand Pepper Gel Magnum 9 Defense Spray. Magnum 9 gives you control and confidence when you need it—and the time you need to safely get away. With direct contact to the face, Mace Brand pepper gel causes an assailant's eyes to slam shut. It also induces coughing, as the pepper gel affects the respiratory system as well as leaves an intense burning sensation to the eyes. Its gel formulation adds sticking power and reduces the risk of back drift. The UV dye that's incorporated into the stream leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification. And you don't have to worry about accidental discharge—the safety pin on the pistol grip handle takes care of that. Compact and easy to carry, Pepper Gel Magnum 9 is ready if and when you need it.