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RCA Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with 360° Multidirectional Design

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Watch most of your favorite channels in high-definition for free with the RCA Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with 360° Multidirectional Design! Get the best picture and sound possible with innovative 2-stage amplifier technology. Dual Boost technology includes a preamplifier in the antenna and an additional second amplifier by boosting the signal at the antenna and boosting the signal again near your TV. The patent pending 360° multidirectional design improves performance without having to make adjustments when changing channels. This TV antenna has a sleek design and green LED light ring adds style to every environment. Please note that several factors can affect your ability to receive the broadcast signal at your specific location. Objects such as tree foliage, building construction type, metal roofing materials and the physical terrain of the land all play significant roles. Aluminum or steel siding, metal lath or older plaster walls, and metal mesh under stucco all can interfere to some degree with reception indoors. It is generally assumed that there is a straight line of sight to the broadcast towers at a height of about 30 ft. in order for the up to 40-mile range ratings to be completely accurate.