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Smartphone Camera Mounting Pod with Remote Control (Red)

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  • Tracks any person, object, or movement with Face, Body, Horse, and Action Tracking modes powered by smart AI technology
  • Connect to Pivo's Face Tracking to level up creations in any other third-party app, or simply capture every move directly from a smartphone
  • Call anyone directly from the Pivo Meet app
  • Takes selfies and videos with the snap of a finger, striking a pose, or by simply saying "cheese"; uses Smart Capture to take shots without needing to go near a smartphone
  • 12 easy-to-use Quick Create modes that will give content that extra edge- including GIFs, Clone Trail, 360° Motion Timelapses, Tiny Planets, or Panoramas-no editing skills needed
  • Share Pivo pictures or videos right from the Pivo Pod App
  • Includes remote control

With Pivo's Red Smartphone Camera Mounting Pod, it's time to get creative! Pivo Pod is like your own personal cameraman. This interactive pod was developed for influencers, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and many more, letting you make pro-like content. Connect to Pivo's app suite on your smartphone to enable the Pod's AI-powered motion tracking. Focus on capturing incredible videos, presentations, video streams, 360° virtual tours, and more while ensuring you're always in frame. Choose from 12 built-in special effects to take your photos to the next level or Smart Capture modes to snap the ideal shot while on the move.